Many people want to stop using nicotine and become healthier. With that, though, weight gain is a big concern. Sometimes, people use patches or other nicotine-quitting products and find themselves bloating up.

Usually, when you stop one addicting habit, you compensate with another. Therefore, when you stop smoking, it’s easy to overeat and gain weight. Often, people do this without realizing it until it’s too late and the pounds are there.

Detox tea could be beneficial for you.

What Is Detox Tea?

There are different brands and flavors available, but detox tea removes toxins from the body. Typically, they contain a diuretic, which helps you flush your system and expel the chemicals through urination.

How They Work

The preparation of the tea is paramount for it to work correctly. Follow the label directions to ensure that it is strong enough and you get all the benefits of the detox tea.

You drink the tea like you might any other beverage. Usually, you feel an energy boost from the caffeine, and you go about your day like normal.

If you’re trying to stop using nicotine, these teas are designed to flush those toxins from your body. You might feel a little agitated at first because your body is used to having the nicotine.

Typically, you drink the tea every day for a week. The goal is to lose weight or keep yourself at your regular weight. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know how many calories you usually consume.

If your goal is to stop nicotine use, cleanse your body from the toxins, and prevent weight gain, you want to drink the tea normally and continue eating roughly the same amount.

These teas are designed to work in conjunction with diet and exercise. Therefore, you shouldn’t eat tons of junk food, such as cookies and chips. Though your body might crave them during the detoxification process, it’s better to focus on whole foods and proper nutrition. That way, you stay full and don’t overeat.

Diuretic Properties

Detox tea contains a diuretic, which makes you go to the bathroom more often. Many people find that they’re constipated at first, and this could be because your body isn’t getting nicotine anymore.

However, you may need to urinate more often when you use the detox tea. This is normal, and it’s helping to flush the toxins out of the body.

For most people, nicotine addiction is hard to stop because of the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, it’s best to get rid of the toxins as soon as possible. Your body does this naturally, but it can take days to complete the process.

Often, when you use detox tea, the process starts faster, and you finish the detoxification sooner. That way, you can realize how easy it is to live without nicotine.

No Magic Bullet

The issue most people have is that there’s no magic pill or drink they can use to slim down and stop using nicotine. You still need to have the willpower to do it all, but detox tea and nicotine patches, gum, or medication can help you combat the craving without gaining weight.

You must decide if you want to stop smoking and lose weight (or keep your weight the same). If so, use whatever tools and methods available. Detox tea can be used with patches and other nicotine-craving products to help you keep extra weight off while detoxing the body from the chemicals in the cigarettes.

If your goal is to lose weight while you cleanse your body of nicotine, it’s not impossible, but it can be harder. You don’t want to gain pounds, and detox tea can help you with both goals to have a healthier and happier lifestyle.