Marijuana is a dried herb that can last a long time if stored properly and aged correctly. When storing marijuana, you should strictly follow the do’s and don’ts if you wish to increase its longevity. However, the guidelines depend on your budget, living arrangements, geography, and aesthetic style. When it comes to Marijuana, it doesn’t have an expiration date. 

When we have to store the stashes, we usually rely on the tried and tested process of twirling it into a plastic bag and then storing it in a desk. However,  this method can degrade the weed’s quality and make it look like a schwag. 

Things like light and air can affect the quality of cannabis to a great extent. So, how do you store your weed so that its quality doesn’t degrade and the weed stays fresh for days to come.

Is It Better To Keep Your Weed In A Jar Or Bag? 

As mentioned above, the quality of weed deteriorates when stored in plastic. Hence, keeping them in bags is not going to help. There is no better container for cannabis other than glass. The material of the glass jar is not static like plastic, and it will not affect the taste of weed as well, unlike the other metal containers. Glass jar also provides a seal to protect the weed against getting oxidized. 

However, you need to apply an anti-UV coating on the glass so that the quality is not affected. The clear view of the glass jar will not be able to resist the UV ways. Additionally, UV rays speed up the degradation process of Cannabis, leaving you with weed that is only good for one thing, couch lock. You can easily combat this issue by wrapping the glass bottle in a towel or storing it in a dark place. 

How To Keep Your Buds From Drying Out?

Increase the shelf life of cannabis by taking some easy precautions. As discussed, the first one is keeping away from light and storing it in an airtight container. 

Fresh cannabis has two major enemies: oxygen and UV rays. However, oxygen and sunlight are the best friends of a plant before the stock comes out of it. Once the cannabis dries up, is cured, and packed, you should limit its exposure to the elements such as sunlight, air, etc. 

If you buy cannabis in bulk, we recommend you pack them in smaller portions and then store them as advised to ensure each pack stays fresh. It is because you will crack open the same jar repeatedly, and the nugs will get exposed to the unforgiving atmosphere, light, and air. 

If you choose to store it in a plastic jar, you should pick an airtight container to ensure that it stays fresh. No denying the fact that glass jars make a world of difference when keeping weed fresh is a concern. 

If you have to store a small amount of cannabis, you can store it in a plastic bag. Ensure that there is no air present inside the bag before you seal it. To make sure there is no air, you can choose to roll the bag up from the bottom, just like we roll a taco, and bring it up towards the seal. 

These simple techniques will help you keep your weed fresh; however, even if it still dries out for some reason, you can choose to rehydrate it to make the most of it. 

Can Weed Be Stored Outside? 

No, you must not store weed in the open air. As discussed, glass jars are the best, and plastic containers work well if you have a small amount of weed to store. Also, when storing weed in a glass jar, you need to make sure that it is not transparent so that light can pass through the material. Anti-UV covering on the glass jar is required. 

You should keep the container in a cool, dry, and dark place to ensure the buds stay fresh for a long time. 

The relative humidity should be within 59-63 percent. Any higher range will cause trouble, and there are higher chances of weed trapping moisture. If the stashes trap moisture, it can develop mold and, as a result, go to waste. Also, if the humidity range is lower than the recommended range, the weed will dry out. 

Keep weed and the container in a cool and dry spot away from the sunlight, as it is crucial. Direct sunlight will cause the cannabis to break down, and too much heat will take away all the moisture from the bud. 

Keeping Weed Fresh

The journey of storing cannabis adequately begins with the post-harvest curing process. You need to take care of the buds right after they are harvested to ensure they last long-term. A similar sort of optimized environment is required for storing the flowers as well. You are required to store the weed in a dark, cool, and a moderately dry spot where it is not exposed to air or sunlight. 

For this, you need to separate the buds, trim off the sugar leaves, and then sort the stash in a mason jar. Keep in mind to fill the jar up to ¾ level and not more than that. 

After sufficiently curing the buds, we recommend you keep them in glass, air-tight jars. Air and light impact the quality of buds to a great extent. Oxygen can do a significant amount of damage to your weed, and hence, you need to make sure that it is kept away from it. 

The Bottom Line

Moisture is the biggest threat that deteriorates the shelf-life of your cannabis. Hence, you need to ensure that, at all causes, the buds are kept away in such a place so that it doesn’t trap moisture. When it gets moist, the chances of succumbing to mold increase. Thus, to increase the shelf-life of your buds, make sure that it doesn’t trap any moisture. 

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