Even as more and more smokers are “giving up smoking”, over 34 million Americans are addicted to tobacco.  Most smokers want to quit smoking but feel chained to their so-called “habit”. They associate the act of smoking with various other things in life, but they know, in reality, they are a slave to the drug Nicotine.

Here’s a simple truth – smoking cigarettes is not a habit, it’s drug addiction. Smoking herbs is an alternative that is non-addictive and tastes better. Mixing herbs with weed, instead of tobacco, also makes for a better smoking experience.

Want to learn about how herbs can help you to quit smoking and other benefits of smoking herbs? Let’s take a serious look.

Herbs to Help Quit Smoking

Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet. In fact, nicotine is considered to be as addictive as heroin. When withdrawing from nicotine we feel:

That is the nature of nicotine. When we have it, we don’t want it and when we don’t have it, we want it real bad. That’s why it is so necessary to stop smoking nicotine for good.

Mixing the Pot

You do not need ingredients that are bad for your body in order to continue your smoking habit. In fact, there are legal smoking herbs you can use safely. Here is a list of smoking herbs you can use.

Some other ingredients that could be of benefit to you in terms of wellness include wild oat, lobelia/Indian tobacco, damiana, gotu kola extract, cannabis, and passionflower.

These ingredients are both natural and have multiple health benefits that can soothe you and your lungs better than nicotine. As an example, using primrose can help flush out tar deposits that may be in your lungs due to previous nicotine use, thus helping purify the body. 

You Can Make Your Own Herbs to Help Quit Smoking

With legal smoking herbs you can mix yourself, you do not have to rely on an unknown mix that a typical nicotine manufacturing company will make that does not have the number of smoking ingredients you want. Any great mix should have carrier or base herbs, herbs that offer a specific supportive role, and herbs for flavoring purposes.

With smoking herbs, you have a little more freedom in choosing how much of each herb you want in any blunt.

Get Some Smoking Herbs for Everyday Life

Smoking nicotine is an epidemic that can be stopped easily. One of the ways to do so being smoking herbs. You can avoid nicotine and open the door to benefits that will help you in the long run.

Start on the path of quitting nicotine with our herbal cigarettes. They are made with the finest herbs that can be used as a primary alternative smoking habit. With them, enjoy smoking without the harmful addiction.

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