Most people don’t start smoking with the dream of one day being fully dependent on their cigarettes. Like it or not, though, that’s often where we end up.
The problem is that smoking is so difficult to quit that many smokers believe it’s simply not worth the effort. In reality, stopping smoking could benefit your life in more ways than you realize. We all know about lung cancer, but check out these other reasons to quit smoking.

Lower Your Risk for Heart Attacks and Strokes

Many people think that if they aren’t having trouble breathing, smoking hasn’t affected their health. In reality, it’s probably having a more serious impact than you realize.

Nicotine constricts your blood vessels. This raises your blood pressure, which significantly increases your risk for strokes and heart attacks. Smokers also have a far greater risk of heart disease overall.

Keep in mind that all forms of nicotine constrict your blood vessels. This means that switching to vaping won’t resolve this health risk. Instead, it’s better to use years into the future.

Collagen, a natural protein, is the primary factor in keeping skin firm and youthful. While collagen decreases over time, smoking speeds up that process.

On top of this, smoking will yellow your teeth and nails. Both of those are traits that make you look older. 

Lower Your Risk for All Other Illnesses

“All” is not an exaggeration in this statement. Smoking takes a serious toll on your immune system. It hinders the blood flow throughout your body, and you need that blood flow to allow your white blood cells to fight illnesses.

As a result, smokers are at risk for more serious complications from any illness, including the common cold and flu as well as COVID-19.

Improve Your Lung Capacity

No one likes the feeling of gasping for air while they’re working out. While most expect that their lung capacity will improve as they get into better shape, but if you keep smoking, that may not happen.

The tar from tobacco cigarettes coats the inside of your lungs. This prevents your lungs from expanding the way they’re meant to, so you can’t access as much air.

End Your Daily Battles with Phlegm

We all know the “smoker’s cough,” and it’s not a pleasant side effect of smoking. In addition to damaging your airways, smoking builds up phlegm in your through. That combination leads to daily discomfort and frequent coughing that’s enough to make your daily life more difficult.

How Herbal Cigarettes Open the Door to Benefits and Reasons to Quit Smoking

Here’s the good news: you could enjoy all these benefits and more surprisingly quickly when you stop smoking. Using a healthier option like herbal cigarettes to wean yourself off smoking can help you transition out of your addiction while helping your health more each day.

Whatever your reasons to stop smoking may be, get started and shop our herbal cigarettes and other products online.

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