First of all, let’s clarify what lavender is. Known as Lavandula, it’s one of the 47 known species of mint. Basically, it’s a herb dating from ancient Egypt and is currently widespread all over the globe.

Ever since people discovered herbal cigarettes and the possibility of smoking different herbs such as cannabis and rose petals, there is a question: What else could be smoked? How harmful is it to smoke herbals? And how does it even taste? Does every herb give you a side effect, such as feeling high? Let’s see what the case with lavender is.

History of Lavender

As mentioned, lavender or Lavandula is a mint species discovered in ancient Egypt. The name itself comes from Latin and means “to wash.” In Egypt, lavender oil was used for the mummification process, and that was the first known use of the plant itself. Thanks to its fantastic scent, old nations such as Greeks, Romans, and Persians started adding lavender to their bath. Not just the smell but the relaxing effect this plant has made it a worldwide tool for mind and body cleaning. Over the years, lavender was used to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and some physical flaws, such as acne.

What Can You Use Lavander For?

There are many uses of lavender as a plant and its oil. The first and the most common use nowadays is aromatherapy. Oil fragrance should cause calmness and relaxation for patients and reduce stress. Besides, a study shows lavender scent can help with mild pain as well, by affecting the brain and causing the feeling of relaxation in all of the body parts. If you’re having severe menstrual cramps, lavender can serve this purpose as well, combined with other herbals such as rose and sage.

According to the National Cancer Institute, lavender can help people with cancer to feel treatment consequences less, while it also helps people with dementia.

If you have insomnia or any sort of sleeping issues, smoking lavender can help you with that too. Thanks to the relaxation effect, brain receptors are relaxing and starting to be sleepy after smoking lavender.

Moreover, lavender is helpful with alopecia aerate (losing hair in patches) and acne.

Lavender is added to perfumes, shower gels, cremes, and more body care products for commercial use. You will also find that lavender oil is a significant part of French national cuisine.

 As you can see, there are many reasons why you would use lavender as oil or as a herbal cigarette.

Smoking Lavender

Yes, it’s possible to smoke lavender, and it has quite a few good effects as well. First of all, lavender can serve as a tobacco substitute since it has a relaxation effect and makes you sleepy. It also has a robust flavor that will suit those who are used to nicotine. Instead of smoking tobacco and taking in all of the malicious substances, people are turning more and more to smoking natural herbal cigarettes or even herbal blends.

If you’re a smoker and a nicotine addict, of course, quitting smoking is not an easy task. Many people become more stressed, anxious, even addicted to food after they decide to stop smoking. Thanks to its relaxation effect, lavender can help you deal with the matter and make the transition easier.

Lavender can be successfully mixed with cannabis since they have a common terpene responsible for enhancing the effect of cannabis and the health purposes of lavender.

How Can Lavender Help You Sleep?

Whether you just quit smoking and have insomnia, or there is some other reason, you do need to resolve it. Smokers are experienced body cleansing, nicotine leaving their system, which is why sleeping is not as easy. Of course, you know yourself. You’re easily irritated and less productive, less focused on your everyday activities when you don’t sleep.

Thankfully, lavender can help you resolve all this. Thanks to its terpene linalool, the same one found in the cannabis plant, it will help you fall asleep within seconds. This terpene is known for helping your body to slow down, so just a bit of lavender smoking will help you relax and sleep like a baby.

When smoking lavender, you’re inhaling this terpene directly to your lungs, and from there, it’s spreading through blood to all of your body, causing relaxation and calmness.

 Lavender and Cannabis Blend

Smoking lavender is safe, however, it won’t make you high by itself. Unlike cannabis, lavender has only a relaxation effect. If you’re looking for something more, mixing these two herbs can be a perfect choice. You will get the desired feeling from cannabis, while lavender will boost its relaxing effect and make you calm. Also, lavender has a way better taste, so that you will get this benefit as well. Note that lavender is naturally nicotine-free, so if you’re smoking your cannabis mixed with tobacco, lavender won’t be much of a substitute for that. That’s yet another reason why it makes a perfect solution for those who want to quit smoking.


Smoking lavender is possible, and there’s a vast number of reasons why it’s much better and healthier than smoking tobacco. However, it doesn’t have a psychoactive effect, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you can easily blend lavender with cannabis.

Lavender smoking has many benefits, including relaxation, help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and some physical conditions, such as acne and alopecia.

All those who wish to quit smoking could use lavender as a substitute since it will make the transition easier and eliminate harmful effects such as anger, irritation, and insomnia.

Besides herbal cigarettes, lavender can be blended with tobacco as well for a better taste. However, since tobacco has nicotine, it’s recommended to completely take it out of the picture and use nicotine-free lavender only.