Herbal Cigarettes better or not

Almost 500,000 people a year die in America from smoking cigarettes. Smoking is a disgusting and dangerous habit that can shorten your life. It can also ruin your quality of life by making you feel tired and unhealthy.

Unfortunately, as millions of smokers know, nicotine is very addicting, and quitting smoking can seem impossible.

The good news is that if you are trying to quit tobacco, herbal cigarettes offer you an alternative. As you wean yourself off your tobacco habit, smoking herbs can be a better alternative. Find out why right here.

What Are Herbal Cigarettes?

Herbal cigarettes are cigarettes without tobacco or nicotine. They have been popular for hundreds of years in places such as India and other parts of Southeast Asia.

They’re most often made from a mixture of different herbs and spices. Some common ones include cloves, lemongrass, lavender, mugwort, and tendu leaves.

Almost any smokeable herb can be put into an herbal cigarette. Check with a retailer to see what options are available to you.

Also, make sure to check with a doctor or allergist so you know what substances you may be allergic to if you are trying some strange and exotic herbs.

Why Should I Smoke Them?

Smoke is never healthy because it contains carcinogens. However, herbal cigarettes offer a healthier alternative than smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes.

One of the major benefits of smoking herbs is using them to quit smoking tobacco. They are non-addictive but still allow you to have the simulated experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette.

As any smoker knows, smoking can be an enjoyable thing. Part of the fun of smoking is the actual act of lighting your cigarette and taking a deep inhalation.

Even though you are not inhaling nicotine with an herbal cig, your mind and body still anticipate its effects and enjoy the act of smoking.

For people trying to quit smoking, this can provide a placebo effect. You are still in essence getting part of the enjoyable smoking experience without the yellow hook of nicotine addiction digging into your brain.

When you are ready to quit smoking for good, you can drop your herbal habit much easier than your nicotine one. In this way, herbal cigarettes act as a crutch for those trying to wean themselves off addiction.

Herbal cigarettes are also much more affordable than their nicotine-containing cousins. A pack of herbal smokes can be bought for a fraction of the price of a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

If one of your main reasons for quitting tobacco is how expensive it is, this can be a great reason to start your journey towards freedom with an herbal cigarette. 

Get the Best Herbal Cigarettes Today

If you are ready to give another type of cigarette a try and ditch your tobacco habit at the same time, you should get yourself some herbal cigarettes.

Before you try them out, it’s always good to consult with a doctor or allergist and see what herbs agree with your system. 

When you are ready, contact us to get the very best in herbal cigarettes. That way, you will know the smoke you are putting in your lungs comes from the very best quality ingredients.