Most adults realize the harms of smoking, as over 50% of smokers in 2018 tried to quit at least once. But doing so is easier said than done. 

With that said, there are plenty of valuable strategies for kicking the smoking habit. One such strategy is through herbal cigarettes. 

But what are herbal cigarettes? And how do they help you quit smoking?

That’s what we’ll be looking at today. Read on to find out the benefits of herbal cigarettes. 

What are Herbal Cigarettes?

Weaning yourself off of regular cigarettes is usually one of the first steps to overcoming your addiction. Herbal cigarettes help you during these stages. 

These cigarettes contain zero nicotine and instead have organic herbs. This way you can indulge your typical smoking behavior without taking in any addictive substances. 

While herbal cigarettes aren’t a one-step solution to kicking the smoking habit altogether, it serves as a valuable leeway into more helpful paths. Let’s look at how herbal cigarettes benefit those trying to quit. 

Benefits of Smoking Herbs

If you smoke organic herbs instead of cigarettes, you’re avoiding a lot of the most harmful substances cigarette companies put into their products. Cigarettes contain things like nicotine and formaldehyde that can do some serious damage to your lungs and body. 

Herbs help you work your way out of your addiction in a much more effective manner. You can incorporate more and more herbs into your cigarettes to gradually come off of standard tobacco. 

Studies also suggest that smoking herbs like cannabis don’t harm your lungs as much as cigarettes. As such, smoking herbs has some obvious health benefits and it’s an effective method for weaning yourself off of tobacco. 

Herbs to Help You Quit Smoking and Avoid Withdrawal

So which herbs should you purchase to help you quit? The three best options for us are Mugwort, Lobelia, and Passion Flower. Let’s look at each ones’ benefits here:


Mugwort has a lot of natural relaxing qualities that help you go to sleep and even calm digestive issues. They’re used in pillows to help sleepers deal with lucid dreaming. Incorporating into your cigarettes brings out their relaxing qualities. 


Lobelia binds to the same receptors in your brain as nicotine. However, lobelia relieves respiratory issues, making it a lot healthier than nicotine. If you want to ease your muscles and improve blood flow while quitting smoking, lobelia has you covered. 

Passion Flower

Native Americans in North America have used passion flower for things like tea and their own tobacco. It balances your moods and helps with sleeping habits. 

It’s known as a treatment for anxiety and other disorders. Incorporating passion flower into your herbal cigarettes will give you more benefits than tobacco. It’s an excellent option for trying to quit cigarettes. 

Leverage Herbal Cigarettes Today

Quitting cigarettes cold turkey doesn’t have to be your only option. Using herbal cigarettes can help you gradually become tobacco-free while enjoying their unique qualities along the way. 

Looking for herbs to stop smoking? Contact us today to see what products we have on offer!